Lot 149 on Channillo


I am very excited to be publishing my paranormal novella Lot 149 on Channillo. What is Channillo, you may ask?

Channillo is a subscription-based site where authors can share their work (usually released in a series format) and readers can subscribe to the series of their choice. Subscriptions start at a nominal cost (approximately five dollars for a month’s subscriptions to up to ten series). Channillo also offers ‘free’ series that don’t count toward your monthly subscription limit. (Channillo currently has a promotion this month where you can read an unlimited number of series for just $0.99 for the first month. See the website for details.)

What’s in it for authors? A sharing platform to enhance or expand your readership, and an opportunity to showcase your work in a new way. As an added bonus, you will be paid for your work (before you get all excited, remember, this is a nominal payment).

What’s in it for readers? Exclusive reading opportunities selected and curated by an administrative team. Material on Channillo is not available elsewhere, and the quality is (overall) far superior to the usual free sharing platforms where the site is glutted with poorly developed and poorly edited work.

On Channillo, authors have to apply to produce a series, and this selection process enhances the overall quality of material available on the site. Channillo presents well, and is easy to use, with no real glitchiness (unlike my experiences on other sharing platforms).

Channillo is a great way to discover and support your favorite independent and still yet-undiscovered authors.

So what do I have on Channillo? I’m releasing my paranormal novella, Lot 149 as a series. (If you’ve seen excerpts around on the interwebs, rest assured it’s been revised and expanded to create a delightfully spooky read.) I’ve got a little about it below:

“It’s just a light flickering, must be faulty wiring or something – isn’t it?”

Lot 149 is a paranormal story about Keira, a recently divorced woman who purchases a decaying old farmhouse with a truly spectacular history. Country living, a tidy divorce settlement and a job promotion that allowed telecommuting – this farmhouse would be a fresh start for both Keira and her son Tad, a break they so badly needed.

“Sure it needs work — but don’t we all?”

Leaving a big city job behind, Kiera embraces country living and is intent on raising pasture-fed pork and free-range chickens and the latest developments in organic farming; however, she soon discovers how much work is involved in restoring the farmhouse. To help with repairs, she calls in Frank, a local handyman and pest control guy.

“It’s a house with a history, that’s all. Plays tricks with your mind. Most old houses are like that.”

As Keira and Frank work on the house, several unnerving things begin to happen, and the secrets of the house begin to revel themselves. One of the locals, Joe Adams, fills Keira in on the previous owners:

They had two boys, long time ago, one of them had fits or somethin’.

Ain’t nobody seen that boy for decades. Most of us though they put him away –

He had a thing for cattle – bit of a freak, strange things always happened when he was around.

Ol’ Johnston down the way said he did in his whole herd, but nobody could prove nothing. And then there was the Smith child –

Now, decades later, Keira is the full owner in possession of the old farmhouse on Lot 149.


Be sure to check out this series and other fine works over at Channillo.

THIS JUST IN: CHANNILLO IS OFFERING MEMBERSHIPS FOR $0.99 for the first month. This means you can read unlimited stories for just pennies a day!

How great is that? Pop on over to Channillo for details.

Very excited that Lot 149 was a featured story on Channillo.

Very excited that Lot 149 was a featured story on Channillo.



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